The Hartsook Institutes, while recognizing the importance of a vocational trade, has embarked on a mission of educating the fundraiser through a knowledge and research-based curriculum that assesses the students’ capability to accomplish specific fundraising tasks.  This approach is based primarily on the Hartsook Chair, Adrian Sargeant’s views and Bob Hartsook’s application of the research.

Hartsook Institutes is a unique venture in fundraising education. Many are teaching fundraising skills using a vocational model that provides fundraising tools for accomplishing the task, like a mechanic would learn how to change oil or a dental hygienist, how to clean teeth. Hartsook Institutes is creating a new breed of fundraising professionals: those who think, explore, and rely on, apply and build knowledge and research.

40 Campuses and Online Education

Hartsook Companies, Inc. and Bob Hartsook are committing $40 million to the creation of 40 University Hartsook Institutes throughout the world. Each campus will be given a $1 million grant over a 10 year period of time that must be match by $2 million of institutional resources including tuition and revenue generated by the Institutes programs.

Each university must meet the following qualifications.

1. Universities without current existing Nonprofit Management programs will be given a priority. If a University has a Nonprofit Management program, the Hartsook Institute must be created outside that program. Faculty from that program must be approved by the Hartsook Institutes Leadership before teaching in the Hartsook Institute.

2. The University must seek, and have approved, a Masters Degree in Fundraising in one year. Hartsook Institutes will provide support for the drafting of such submission materials.

3. Hartsook Institutes will provide the fundraising academic faculty for the teaching of fundraising coursework; exceptions must be approved by the Institutes leadership. Hartsook faculty will meet the academic standards of the host University and qualify for Adjunct status.

4. Hartsook Institutes will provide support to integrate nonprofit examples and illustrations for faculty teaching non-fundraising courses.

5. The University must commit to spending at least 25% of their net revenues on marketing of the course work to the community.

6. The University must be in a metropolitan area with a substantial number of fundraising professionals.