Fundraising Counsel Worldwide

Hartsook Companies, Inc. is a full-service fundraising consulting firm.

Although our services are diverse, we provide special emphasis on major gifts. Equally important, Hartsook Companies’ exclusive Integrated Fundraising Campaign balances capital and endowment needs with annual development to ensure the greatest support for both.

Hartsook Companies was founded in 1987 by Bob Hartsook as a full service fundraising and fundraising management firm. Since its inception, Hartsook and its five acquired firms (Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Albuquerque, Manhattan, Kansas City) has served more than 2,000 clients including education, social service, youth, health, the arts, environment and other nonprofits. Billions of dollars have been raised for these clients. Each year, Hartsook’s clients have more than $3 billion in goals.

Hartsook is one of the largest firms in North America measured by employees and clients served. Today, we have over 60 employees and a team of 100+ persons who serve in employee or formal volunteer advocacy roles in the various aspects of Hartsook.


Hartsook’s mission is to increase philanthropy worldwide by 25% over the next 20 years through exemplary service to our clients; advancement of quality of fundraising professionals, and engaging philanthropic and nonprofit communities in these efforts.


Hartsook’s vision is to build a company that is distinguished by exceeding expectations through service to clients; contributing to the field as the thinking company; and contributing to the world though our bold goal to increase philanthropy.

The Hartsook Institutes for Fundraising was founded in 2009 by Bob Hartsook. It serves as a voice and vehicle for a knowledge and research-based approach to fundraising education. The approach was pioneered by the Hartsook Chair in Fundraising at Indiana University Adrian Sargeant, and the applications of that and other research into fundraising by Bob Hartsook and Hartsook Companies, Inc.